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USA Hockey Local Officials Association Handbook

USA Hockey Local Officials Association Handbook

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organization may function at the local, USA Hockey Affiliate, or USA Hockey District level. The PURPOSE of this publication is to establish some ground rules for activity between these officiating-based and team-based organizations. While it is commonly assumed that these two organizations will function in somewhat of an “business” adversarial relationship, not unlike relationships between customers/clients or suppliers and the business itself, the two organizations must get along.
It is also essential to understand that this is an EDUCATIONAL publication written through a joint effort of representatives from the Officiating Program and those from Local League Organizations.

It is not a binding document on any organization within USA Hockey, nor is it intended to create a concept of a legal relationship between officiating-based and team-based associations, or even the existence of either or both types of associations as legal entities. APPLICATION of this document is by recommendation only, based on experiences compiled by the “Local Referee Association [Ad Hoc] Committee” through personal experience and solicited input.

Many persons and organizations contributed information, as a direct result of questionnaires sent to USA Hockey Affiliates, local team-based organizations, and officials associations. Unsolicited input was also received from interested and involved individuals.

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